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Greetings, from the Global Meat Free Day Coordinating Team! We're all welcoming you to the worldwide initiative, urging government bodies around the globe, to officially declare a "meat free" day.

You might be asking yourself, why do we have to petition governments to declare a "Meat Free" day? That's simple. Let's look at Ghent, Belgium for example. Government officials in Ghent have shown leadership and recognized the importance of promoting vegetarianism as a solution to addressing climate change and have thus declared a "veggie" only day - every week; clearly their stance is raising awareness and promoting the many benefits that a plant based diet has on the environment - not to mention on human health.

Does it make sense to subsidize something that simply isn’t sustainable? The following points are in the petitions but basically a veggie diet can: (a) end world hunger due to livestock production’s inefficient use of: water, grain, and soy thus causing water/food shortages - not to mention the inefficiencies in electricity and petroleum usage; (b) prevent: deforestation; soil degradation; oceanic dead zones; air and water pollution; climate change; (c) dramatically reduce health care costs (just go to a hospital and ask who there is a vegetarian - better yet vegan); (d) and the list goes on.

The purpose of this site is simple. It offers you the opportunity to vote and stay connected with this cause. So come back often to see the latest videos of people from all around the world and view various success stories as a result of the ongoing outreach campaigns.

Vote Here, Vote Now, Vote for them All:

(just click on the countries and scroll down to "sign the petition")

All petitions hosted by

You’ve voted now help your friends do so too. Consider sending them an email with this template. Don't forget to look right and see all the online sharing possibilities. We're trying to make it as easily as possible to share the good news and perhaps gather enough signatures to present the petition during the Copenhagen conference.

Why, vote for them all you might ask? Well, we appreciate your time and understand if you only leave a comment for your country but why not leave your mark on them all. The reason is your signature will show government officials that the global community cares and is calling for immediate action. Let’s "melt their hearts and minds" by showing them that you took time out of your busy schedule to show your support and offer your solution in addressing another country’s climate change issue.

More countries to come....

We want to honor and respect the websites that are hosting our banner, so please submit your site to, and we will include you in our public relations campaign material.

These are the following Meat Free / Meat Less / Meat Out campaigns that are supporting the petition thus far. If you know someone from the other organizations please let them know we would love to collaborate with them.

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